Been 'ere since late summer 2012 xx welcome to my castle yo.

In middle of a bad break up atm and I woke up like the biggest mess this morning so I called my hairdresser and got an appointment and she did my hair really beautiful and have me a scalp massage and she hugged me and told me that she believes in me and it was exactly what I needed and now I’m in the car listening to 5sos super really fucking loud and I just wanted to applause a bit for the amazing people out there who literally drops everything just to help someone that hurts. U rock I love u thanks for existing


Lou today

How’s everyone? 🍫




So today it’s exactly one year ago, that I told my parents about my self-harm, suicide tries, more bullying then what they know and eating problems!
Months after I hit a wall where I was sad everyday and just wanted to give up, so I did the 100 happy days! If you don’t feel well do the “challenge” and I’m pretty sure it will help!

i’m very proud of you, Em!! 
You are a strong beautiful woman, just keep happy ♥

Thank you!💖

So fucking amazing. Strong women who can admit their problems and work towards recovery are the kind of women I want to see. There’s nothing stronger than a beautiful lady who got her eyes wide open and realizes and acts before it’s too late. So proud of you babe xx I’m here for you always


When one direction comes on the radio and you’re trying not to make eye contact with your friends

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Discussion time.

I have a question.

What inspires you? What is it that gives you that extra push? What gives you confidence? who do you look up to?

Your boyfriend? friends? something online? Tell me! I’m very curious.

Personally for me, it’s everyone of you. Y’all so strong and confident. Your hair colors and amazing clothes inspires me so much - it makes me so happy and satisfied when I see you doing what you wanna do. :) it gives me strength

I love you. Stay put


whatdoyouloveinlife said: You are so beautiful😱 In love with your lip piercing! 💖

Im so shit at accepting compliments.. but thank you babe 😳 you’re so beautiful too💖