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I went to uni with gemma but I had no idea she was harry styles sister what the heck

how do you not know who Gemma is 

It’s like over 30 degrees and I only have black in my wardrobe and all my thick hair isn’t helping
Toofabforlou's big anxiety post.
Toofabforlou's big anxiety post.



I don’t know how to start this post.. so I’ll just start with a simple Hi.


Anxiety attacks. Fun huh? nah not that much, but its a subject that I feel like we need to talk more about. Read the whole thing and keep an open mind. Im here to help and I care so much about every single one of you…

Can I just thank you for this? I have been suffering with severe anxiety since I was 5. I’m 14 now and it has only worsened to the point where I want to give up. I’ve missed out on so much due to it. It feels like it will never end. Thank you. You have no clue how much this has helped.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ glad I reached out to someone. If u ever need anything or want advice, I’m here for you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Toofabforlou’s big anxiety post.

I don’t know how to start this post.. so I’ll just start with a simple Hi.


Anxiety attacks. Fun huh? nah not that much, but its a subject that I feel like we need to talk more about. Read the whole thing and keep an open mind. Im here to help and I care so much about every single one of you and I hope this might help. I will share my own tips what to do during attacks and I speak through my own experiences.

So, what exactly are anxiety attacks?

I have a few links here that can explain that for you;



Ok.. so what exactly do I do if my friend is having one of these attacks? How can I make it better or will I just make it worse by even trying?

No matter if you’re the one who is having the attack or if its someone close, there is a few things thats important to remember;

1. Get the breathing under control. The person who is having the attack is probably breathing really short and quick or he/she stops breathing at all, which eventually will lead to hallucinating or passing out. Tell the person to breathe with you and to listen to your breathes. Breathe in slowly through your nose and out your mouth. Repeat until the person has it under control. 

2. Insure the person. When someone is having an attack, even if you’re busy you drop your whole world for this person and do whatever he/she asks for. This is no time to be selfish or to be impatient since its a life or death experience for the person who has the attack. Tell him/her that him/her is not interrupting anything, that its OK and that you’re here for him/her and you’re not leaving. 

3. Ask him/her. Obviously its impossible to know what to do and you’re scared to do wrong and make it even worse, which is why you must ask. Ask with a calm voice if the person wants you to hold them or if he/she wants you to rubb their back or something. Human contact can help. Tell him/her that whatever he/she needs, you can fix it. No matter if its a glass of water or to build a table from IKEA, you just fix it. 

4. Calm. The person cannot die from the attack, its all temporary and it will eventually stop. Tell the person this but don’t act like you know what its like because THAT will piss the person off. Say it as simple as ”I owe you the biggest applause ever for surviving this multiple times because from as little as I can see, you’re having hell right now and you want to rip the world into pieces but it will pass. You will be alright again and you will wake up tomorrow again 100% alive.”

Ok but what if Im alone and IM the one who’s having an axiety attack.. what do I do? 

I have a few tricks that can calm down the anxiety a bit and I’d love for you to try it. Don’t get disappointed and upset if it doesn’t work for you because we all works differently. You just have to keep going until you find what does. Don’t give up.

  • Singing. Singing sends out endorphins that makes you happy.
  • Paint. Put on your favorite music in the background and sit down and paint it all out. Be careful with the color red tho, since that can look like blood and that will trigger you if you suffer from selfharm or feel the urge to hurt yourself during attacks.
  • Taking a cold shower or a bath. Use your favorite schampoo and make loads of bubbles. Imagine it like you’re washing the bad away.
  • Honesty. Sometimes it just works the best to do absolutely nothing. Just to lay in bed, letting all the tears out and just feel like absolute shit. This is when Im being completely honest with myself and out loud saying all the things I feel and think. 
  • FOOD. Ok so this is where you punch all the dietists in the face and bake yourself a big chocolate cake or cook your favorite meal. Even if its 3 in the morning.
  • Talk to friends or family. If you don’t have that opportunity, theres loads of online chats that you can go to. Just be careful and don’t share your address, full name and phone number.
  • YOGA!!! go on youtube and search for Yoga For Beginners and let the fun begin. Or skip the yoga part and just watch the instructor doing all the weird positions and wonder why his/hers back doesn’t snap in half.
  • Holding ice in a papertowel in your hand and squeeze the living hell out of it.
  • Learn a whole happy Eminem rap song. I can rap the whole slim shady song. Its fun.

I have a songlist at home on my other computer that I will post aswell that really works. 

**********If you feel like your anxiety is out of control and that you can’t live with it anymore, PLEASE go and look for help. You CAN live with anxiety and you DO deserve life. Yes, anxiety is a mental thing but that doesn’t mean that your not normal or less worth than anyone else. I mean, honestly, everyone has something ”odd” about themselves so don’t beat yourself up for it. Instead of fighting against it you should try to cope and learn how to live with it. Going to therapy is just as normal as going to the dentist these days and you are definitely not alone. If someone is giving you shit about this and isn’t supporting you and is just making everything worse, just cut that person out. You don’t need negativity and bad friends in your life, life is way too short to spend it on friends who doesn’t want the best for you and who aren’t supportive.**********

I love you and life is good when you got shit under control. Keep on fighting.


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Asked a young lady at Makeup Store to help me find a powder in my shade (bc I suck at that and she seemed professional). Tried it for real today and it’s way too dark. This is why I have trust issues.