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So I have this stuff and I don’t need them cause I have lots more and I thought about a giveaway!
RULES • Follow me and reblog this post (you can reblog as many times as you want + if you don’t follow me you won’t be in the competition) • If you’ll follow me on Instagram you’ll have 3 more entries —> I’m fratessaro on Instagram and if you’ll follow me on polyvore you’ll gain 10 extra entries, I’m BLACKINSUMMER 
WHAT I’M GIVING AWAY • 1 “Are we punk rock yet” beanie by American Appareal • 1 Ring  • 1 Silver Shampoo by Bleach London • 1 Reincarnation Mask by Bleach London • 1 Awkward Peach Super Cool Colour by Bleach London • 1 Washed Up Mermaid Super Cool Colour by Bleach London • 1 Out Of The Blue Super Cool Colour by Bleach London
I’ll send a present too with the stuff for the winner!
The giveaway’ll end on the 1st of October!HAPPY REBLOGGING❤️☺️

12 more dayssss😊 x

Alex working today (09.12.14)


my reaction to literally everything

namelessgem: We’re havin a girly loliday see ya boys 🌵🐴🐍
have had it on all day, been sweating in it.. bleeding in it lol. and now I’m gonna sleep in it. I love my new baby. 🐅

👑❤ #samteasdale #sampic #sam @samanfagram

Some of you needs a real punch in the face. enough.


lottietommo123: Lou made a friend last night 👀

Gemma and Lou with a fan (14.9.14) +